After a cold stretch of temperatures recently, we finally climbed back above the freezing mark for the start of this week, with many managing to reach highs in the low 40s yesterday afternoon.

Temperature swings this time of year always bring out strong opinions between winter lovers and winter haters. And over the next several days, it will be a bit of a split temperature wise.

Below, you can see an illustration of how our high temperatures will play out all the way through the weekend and the start of next week which would be Christmas Day. Note: Image is not visible on mobile. Best viewed on desktop.

After today (Wednesday), temperatures should climb a touch higher on Thursday, before peaking in the middle 30s over the weekend. While the middle 30s aren't overly warm, they're certainly warmer than some of the days we've had so far this month.

But once we get into Sunday, temperatures really start to crash as the jet stream starts to dip south, with the first wave of cold air bringing in highs in the low and middle 20s for the second half of the weekend.

You can see just how far south those "colder" purple and pink colors, move by Monday morning on the map below.

That will just be step one, however, with the temperatures getting a bit cooler into Christmas Day and into Tuesday as well. At this juncture, highs on Monday should be in the middle and upper teens, but it's worth noting temperature data seems to be coming in colder by the day.

And after starting Monday in the low teens, lows on Monday night are expected to fall into the single numbers. With any sort of wind on Tuesday morning, we'll more than likely see wind chills around zero if not below that mark. Thankfully, the kids won't have to be out at the bus stop on these days.

Looking Ahead: 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook

Beyond the First Warn 5 7-Day Forecast, we can look at the temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for days 8-14, which would be December 27th through January 2nd.

Besides Florida, Alaska, and the southwestern United States, the rest of the country is expected to see the trend of below-average temperatures keep rolling right along. Here in the state of Michigan, our chances for below-average temperatures sit at the highest odds on the map, around 70-80%.

For reference, our average highs for the rest of December and the start of January are around the 30 degree mark, so below normal won't necessarily mean temperatures will be in the teens each day. We'll keep you posted.

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