Collapsing garage

A garage considered an eyesore by residents in the city of the Saginaw has been torn down.

On Monday, TV5 reported that Carol Carroll was concerned about a blighted garage collapsing and causing damage to her home.

“The garage has fallen on my fence,” Carroll said. “It’s barely holding up.”

Carroll’s worry was that the garage would collapse and crash into her bedroom window.

“I’m sleeping right here at the busted fence, busted, raggedy garage. And nobody wants to do anything about it,” Carroll said.

Carroll said that she called the Saginaw County Land Bank several times to have something done, but it wasn’t until after TV5 asked the tough questions that results were in.

The garage was demolished.

“I won’t have any more problems with that raggedy, dilapidated garage,” Carroll said.

Not only was the garage demolished, but to Carroll’s surprise, her fence was fixed as well.

“It’s a joy to be able to live in peace. I’ll be able to sleep with both eyes closed instead of one eye open,” Carroll said.

A contractor came out and deemed the garage an imminent danger. With that, the city was able to tear the garage down right away without having to wait 10 days, which is the standard process.

Carroll said she didn’t think it would happen this fast. She said she’s grateful that she doesn’t have to worry about anything falling into her home.

Although the garage was torn down, Carroll said there’s one more problem that she would like to see disappear. She said that there’s an abandoned home that was next to the garage.

“It has been sitting there for 15 years or more. I hope they get to it fast,” Carroll said.

The Saginaw County Treasurer told TV5 that it would take a little longer to get the home torn down, but Carroll is in no danger from the home. They said that they are going through the process and are looking to put in a 10 day notice.

Stay with TV5 as we keep you updated on its progress.

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