WOW Outreach community action meeting

Residents in a Mid-Michigan town came together in hopes of bringing safety to their community.

“Teens from across city of Flint can come together to work on this workshop to address the issue that affect them,” said Nia Skinner-Miller, a youth activist.

Skinner-Miller is talking about an upcoming teen summit taking place at Southwestern Classical Academy.

This is just one of the agenda items discussed at Saturday’s community action meeting.

Organized by WOW Outreach, the monthly meetings that have taken place for the last nine years are a place where community members come together to not only identify problems in the city but come up with solutions.

“In response to a lot of violence that was occurring in the community and not enough noise was being made as a result that loss of life,” said Kenyatta Dotson, WOW Outreach founder.

At the meeting are members of the community who are passionate about making a difference.

They combine their talent and gifts to provide a variety of solution-driven methods on keeping the youth safe, as well as healthy.

Skinner-Miller said having the youth attend the meetings and be apart of the solution planning is important.

“They see issues that we often have blinders to and be able to listen and not judge and like incorporate everything someone’s saying that’s important,” Skinner-Miller said.

Dotson said it’s not only important to give youth a voice, but let them and community members who want to help know the importance of being out in the community physically.

“We have to work together at every level and that’s from the community grassroots level to city level, state, federal level. We all have to work together,” Dotson said.

The organization is putting out a call to action to the community. Monthly meetings are held every second Saturday.

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