Community, leaders meeting over dangerous intersection


A dangerous local intersection is the scene of countless crashes over the years. Now, a community is looking for ways to fix the problem.

The intersection of State Street and Hemmeter in Saginaw Township is known as one of the most dangerous in Mid-Michigan.

"The light was just turning yellow and the car turned right out in front of me and I hit him going 40 miles an hour,” Sara Garza said.

Garza was in a crash at the intersection 16 years ago. She said the area is too dangerous.

"It was very scary,” Garza said.

She’s not alone.

Residents in the area are working with local and state leaders to hold a community town hall meeting in an effort to improve safety at what many call a risky intersection.

The gathering is designed to collect public input for what should be done. Many said the intersection needs a left-hand turn signal installed.

"They need to have an arrow going across the left so people aren't getting in accidents all the time,” one person said.

"The cars that are waiting tend to turn on a red and there's going to be an accident,” another person said.

"I think the green arrows would be better. You see people instead of going into the first lane they'll cut all the way over and you see quite a few accidents because of that,” a resident said.

MDOT has conducted at least two studies at the intersection before and is in the process of completing another.

So far, none of those studies had led to a left-hand turn signal.

It’s something Garza wants to see changed.

"You never know. It's kind of like a gamble. You gotta basically caution yourself before you go out and pull out to turn basically,” she said.

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