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Former Flint Mayor Karen Weaver joined Councilman Eric Mays, the Flint Water Warriors and concerned pastors to discuss the large amount of money slated to be given to residents who were badly impacted by the lead laced pipes.

"No amount of money can compensate for the loss of life," Weaver said. "No amount of money can compensate for the damage that our kids and our seniors have faced, no amount of money will fix that."

The former mayor seems to have mixed feelings about the state-backed settlement.

She says while she doesn't believe $600 million will deliver the justice flint needs it is a starting off point to begin to remediate some of the things that were damaged from the crisis.

"Money might help with services and support that we need as a result of what’s been done to us, but money doesn’t fix it, it doesn’t bring back our loved ones," he said.

Families and children gathered today, talking about how many people are still struggling with the aftereffects of being poisoned. Because of this Cynthia Haynes believes everyone who was impacted should get their fair share of the money.

"It should be no red tape or no stipulations,” Haynes said. “And I think it’s very disrespectful for them to even throw out 600 without even consulting the water warriors."

Audrey Muhammad says the settlement might bring some help but still wonders what happened to anyone being criminally charged. 

"We are not happy,” Muhammad said. “We demand, not ask for demand, that criminal charges be brought up against those that were a part of that."

Weaver hopes to also see more justice for Flint.

"We are resilient and we’re going to continue to use our voices, because we got this far by using our voices and we will continue to use them," Weaver said.

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