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General Motors and the United Auto Workers returned to the bargaining table as the third day of strikes continue at dozens of GM plants.

For many on the picket lines the uncertainty of when they'll return to work weighs heavy on their shoulders. But they also said the support from their communities is helping to lift their spirits.

“We're here to stand our ground for not only today but for the future,” said Bill Savage, UAW 668 spokesperson and chairman.

They're standing their ground with signs in hand and a message to deliver.

“It’s not just about wages, it’s about jobs, it’s about the future, the community,” Savage said.

Savage has dedicated 49 years and counting to the auto industry, he said back in 2007 when the company went bankrupt, it was the UAW that helped build it back up.

“Now it’s our turn to turn around and get somethings back that we had gave up,” he said.

Now as local UAWs 668 and 85 block the gates of the GM Powertrain Facility in Saginaw, they're getting some help.

Since the strike began the community has shown its full support for our local auto workers.

“We're standing out here holding these signs and these cars going by everyone that honks is a supporter,” Savage said.

They’re honking and dropping off donations.

“A lot of the area restaurants are giving a lot of water and chips and pop and stuff,” Savage said. “The store across the street donated ice, everybody’s pitching in.”

Savage said the movement isn’t just for union members, but also for the community, and he hopes GM will step up and do what’s right.

“GM it’s time to recognize the workers and share the wealth,” he said. “Remember we didn’t forget you in your time of need, we're asking that you don't forget us in ours.”

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