Company offers free training to fix paramedic shortage

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An ambulance service is making an emergency call for applicants to become paramedics in Mid-Michigan.

Mobile Medical Response of Saginaw, or MMR, is offering free training to fill the void, but the critical shortage remains.

Kyle Smith is a paramedic for MMR. He’s been saving lives for more than five years.

“I’m not a very desk job kind of person. So being able to get out into the community and help people do something different every day, that’s what pulled me in,” Smith said.

Smith is hoping stories like his might help solve MMR’s paramedic shortage. They are currently down 30 paramedics company wide. That’s why MMR is recruiting for long-term emergency medical service careers.

“I think moving onto that next step you know, EMT is really only four months and a paramedic is somewhere around 16 months. And just the scope of practice widens that it really gives you a sense of pride and what you do for that patient pre-hospital,” Smith said.

Smith admits his job isn’t easy. He said MMR is working to relieve some of the stress it takes to start your career.

After starting out as an EMT with them they even pay your way through becoming a paramedic. Despite the extra courses and late nights studying, Smith said every day is a reminder of why he chose to help save lives.

“I mean, it’s not anything I have to lie about. It is rewarding. It’s something I enjoy doing. Helping the little grandmother off of the floor to helping someone get out of a wreck is something that is super rewarding and seeing them get to where they need to be is something I always love doing,” Smith said.

Applicants interested in becoming EMTs can click here.

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