Flooded Eastlawn Cemetery

Work is finally underway to fix the flooding at a local cemetery.

The veterans’ section of Eastlawn Memorial Gardens in Saginaw County was under water just days ago. It is a problem some say has plagued the cemetery for years.

“It’s nice to see what they’re doing. A step in the right direction,” said Brandon Carter.

Carter has loved ones buried in the veterans’ section of Eastlawn. He was upset because his loved ones’ final resting places were under water.

Now a pump has been removing water from the soggy area.

“Since your shows aired, I’ve had numerous people come forward with other issues upfront with flooding and I think that they need to fix the issues in the whole cemetery,” Carter said.

Carter is hoping the pump is a sign of things to come.

Now that it appears the cemetery is taking action, Carter’s brother John Rogoszewski is hopeful this will be his place for eternal rest as well.

“If things get straightened out by all means I’d rather be out here with my step-dad and grandfather,” Rogoszewski said.

Rogoszewski was quick to point out this has been an ongoing problem for years and he wants to see the cemetery follow through.

“Is this for show or is this actually something that’s going to get handled,” he said.

While this family said they are glad to see something being done, they say the real answers will come when the weather warms up.

“It’s going to come down to eventually what happens next summer. I know there’s not a lot that can happen during the winter,” Rogoszewski said.

The pair said State Rep. Jason Wentworth’s decision to step in and help has made a big impact.

Wentworth has been in contact with the owners of the cemetery in an effort to get these issues resolved.

As for Carter, he is glad TV5’s story got the ball rolling.

“A special thank you to TV5 for airing the story and getting it out there and a very special thank you to Mr. Wentworth,” Carter said.

Carter and Rogoszewski plan to keep a close eye on the cemetery.

TV5 has made several attempts to contact the owners of Eastlawn, but they have not returned any of our messages.

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