Masterpiece Monogramming shirt

A local company has created a special design to help those battling cancer.

Not only can the disease cause pain itself, but so can treatments like surgery or chemotherapy. The smallest touch can be excruciating for patients.

“I just had a double mastectomy and implants,” said Patty Buie.

Pain is a new reality for Buie as she heals from surgery while bravely fighting breast cancer.

“It’s really sore and hurting still,” Buie said.

That is why she was nervous to attend her daughter’s bridal shower, but she knew she couldn’t miss it.

“I love the hugs and everyone likes to get them, but I was just afraid that I would hurt too much,” Buie said.

Thanks to Masterpiece Monogramming in Burton, she didn’t have to worry about that. They customized a shirt for Buie and surprised her with it. The shirt reads, “no hugs please. Miracle in the making.”

“I loved it. I was very grateful. It meant a lot to me. There’s people out there that I don’t even know that’s willing to reach out and help,” Buie said.

Janelle Beren is the manager at Masterpiece Monogramming. She said family and friends of Buie were having cancer fundraiser shirts made to help support Buie during this hard time.

Beren said she thought of the shirt because she heard Buie was contemplating wearing a sign that would discourage people from wrapping their arms around her.

“I will not have my customers wearing a paper sign to something as special and meaningful as your daughter’s bridal shower,” Beren said.

She said they wanted to help Buie and also make her stand out.

“We came up with this design to help her feel special and to let people know that while the love is appreciated, the hugs just are not necessary right now,” Beren said.

This will now be a part of their regular designs and it will also go to helping cancer organizations.

Buie said the shirt was a hit at her daughter’s shower and people found other ways to show her their love and support during the big event.

“It worked out really good. I got a lot of compliments on it and a lot of people noticed it. A lot of kisses on the forehead and head instead of the hugs,” Buie said.

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