Congressman Dan Kildee paid a visit to Mid-Michigan over the weekend, bringing with him a plan to bring more businesses to the city of Flint.

A group of local business owners and labor workers spoke their minds to Kildee and his counterpart from New York, Congressman Joe Crowley, at an economic roundtable in Flint.

Both congressman focused on what their two states have in common and how to better the issues the working force is facing.

The meeting Sunday was more than just joining forces; it was about hearing feedback from Michigan workers.

Kildee said he's hearing residents’ concerns and addressing them.

So far, the people of Michigan are anxious to see another economic agenda giving families a decent wage that allows them not to worry about making it from paycheck to paycheck.

"I mean, the things that we think about as the American Dream that people feel in some ways are slipping away from them -- what we really need to do is focus on how do we rebuild that,” Kildee said.

Crowley echoed his concerns for both Flint and Queens.

"As far apart as we may be physically, we're actually much closer in spirit than maybe we give ourselves a tendency to believe,” Crowley said.

The meeting started off with concerns of President Donald Trump's agenda and Kildee took the opportunity to explain the Security of Michigan voter's information.

"People in Michigan can feel somewhat comfortable that the State of Michigan is not conspiring with the Trump administration to undermine their privacy, but it's pretty shameful what the President's doing -- that he's trying to create this sense that there's massive voter fraud. I mean, he claimed that three million votes were cast illegally and he has no evidence to support that and we shouldn't be a party to that,” Kildee said.

Both Kildee and Crowley answered questions and concerns about the economy and the Flint water crisis. They said their hope is to bring these voices back to Washington and make real change happen.

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