Congressman met with outbursts at town hall meeting

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Constituents packed an auditorium Thursday night for a town hall meeting with Congressman John Moolenaar.

Moolenaar wanted to have the meeting to hear from constituents and answer their questions. However, the clear division of the American people was highlighted at the meeting.

Moolenaar represents 15 counties in Mid-Michigan. He addressed a packed auditorium on Central Michigan University's campus.

There were many questions about his vision of the country and hot button issues like healthcare and border security. It seemed like every time he tried to answer a question his words were faced with loud boos and some ruckus in the crowd. It was enough to have at least one man leave early, while others said their outbursts did exactly what they intended to do.

"They seem to be organized to disrupt, which is typical. I went to Vietnam. I was in the Air Force for 21 years. I went to Vietnam so this wouldn't happen. I fight for their right, but I certainly don't respect their exercise," said Ray Snyder, constituent.

The outbursts were enough to make Snyder leave the meeting.

"We've got a wonderful congressman and I think we've got a lot of communists here," Snyder said.

Another constituent, Sarah Schulz, said the resistance and protest is about patriotism.

"It is our right as citizens to stand up when we disagree with what is going on with our government," Schulz said.

John Herresoff, who lives in Moolenaar's district, said he believes many of the questions people asked Moolenaar were never answered.

"I don't think he knows what the issues are. I think he's an echo chamber," Herresoff said.

Moolenaar said he expected the response he received, but he believed it was constructive.

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