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Vassar Public Schools Superintendent Dorothy Blackwell is proud of all the infrastructure improvements being made throughout the district. Problem is the construction is delaying the start of the school year until September 16.

"All good things take time, right?" Dorothy said.

A person claiming to be a concerned parent, who did not want to be identified, reached out to TV5 wanting us to ask the tough questions. Blackwell spoke with us to answer them.

The first, did any of the construction involve work not originally planned? Blackwell says no.

"When our voters went to vote it was very clear what we could spend the money on,” she said. “So, all of those projects were laid out."

Blackwell told us the ongoing construction won't affect student education when classes begin.

"Construction will continue, but it definitely will continue at time periods where it will not prohibit or be any kind of disturbance to the instructional program," she said.

Blackwell had a lot to say when asked how this construction project would improve the district.

"As you see our beautiful new auditorium here, our roof, our HVAC systems, our flooring, our bathrooms, our locker rooms, brand new lockers. We have carpeting and tile in our classrooms, paint jobs, display boards, I could go on and on,” she said. “So, are those things all in the project? Yes, they are."

Among other issues she touched on, yes students will be in class for count day.

Regarding the end of the school year, Blackwell said the calendar is still being negotiated with the Vassar Education Association. So, the last day of school and graduation dates are still up in the air.

Blackwell also apologized for any inconvenience this is causing families.

"With any construction project you know there's ups and there's downs,” she said. “But I think ultimately at the very end our kids are going to be so pleased and they're going to just be filled with pride when they walk into the Vassar halls."

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