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Consumers Energy is on a mission to meet the state's electricity needs by implementing more clean energy sources in the coming decades.

It's part of the utility company's statewide campaign to encourage customers to use less energy in the ongoing war against climate change.

"We at consumers energy have taken a strong commitment for the planet, and we want everyone in Michigan to know what they can do to be part of this movement," said CEO Patti Poppe.

Poppe made the case for the movement at Thursday’s Great Lake Bay Regional Chamber Summit.

She's calling on Michigan residents and businesses to partner with them in protecting the planet.

"Both smart and clean energy,” Poppe said. We're retiring our coal plants and replacing them with only new renewable energy, specifically solar all across the state of Michigan."

With coal plants slated to close, the question of job lost comes to mind. Poppe said those jobs will actually not be lost but transitioned.

"All of the plants that we have retired so far, we've also found new assignments for our co-workers,” she said. “As we think about this clean energy transition we think through a triple bottom line, people, planet and prosperity."

Poppe said by closing coal plants they're reducing carbon generation from power but they're also working to reduce carbon emissions on the roads by promoting electric vehicles.

She said there are simple steps we can all take to protect the planet and encourages customers to join the clean energy movement.

"Together we can absolutely deliver a clean energy future for Michigan," Poppe said.

Consumers Energy will also plant a tree for every person who signs up on their website to join the Clean Energy Movement which you can do here.

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