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As the coronavirus outbreak continues, many schools are transitioning to an online format. 

"We've seen a growing amount of concern from students regarding their health and safety," said Kayla Freeman, a Counseling Center Social Worker at the University of Michigan-Flint. "And that's understandable given some of the uncertainty." 

Schools, events and trips suspended amid the coronavirus outbreak to protect your physical health. 

There's also a hidden impact on your mental health. 

"Depression and anxiety, but it can range for a variety of reasons and in levels of severity," said Freeman.

Freeman provides mental health services to students at U of M Flint. 

The university joined a long list of other schools that have suspended face-to-face classes. She said her department is still all hands on deck and available for students who might be overwhelmed by the situation.

"We would be concerned if it impacts their functioning," said Freeman. "If we're seeing an impairment or impact in relationships, job performance, school performance, or more personal challenges. Sleep, eating, appetite difficulties and that's where we're going to become more concerned about a more clinical level of anxiety or impairment."

Racing thoughts, rapid heartbeat and cold sweats are just a few symptoms of someone having a panic attack, according to Freeman. She said it's best to seek a mental health professional if symptoms persist. 

If you or someone you know has concerns about their mental health because of this pandemic, Freeman said there are resources available. 

Freeman suggested checking in with your primary care doctor or a mental health professional to stay ahead of the emotional toll the virus could have on your mind. 

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Haven't been out of my house for more than 2 weeks now. Been alone because of the lockdown. I'm far away from my family and the only way I can reach out is by calling them everyday. It is depressing to be really honest but I'm still hopeful that this will end the soonest possible time. We shouldn't leave anybody behind. This is our fight and we should all fight together,as one. I commend this article in discussing Mental health during this crisis. If you're also interested on SOCIO-ECOMIC impact of COVID-19 globally, here's a great article for your reference:

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