Brandon McGaffigan

A local corrections officer is stepping up to help his fellow officers amid the coronavirus pandemic

A local corrections officer is stepping up to help his fellow officers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s scary. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really scary,” said Brandon McGaffigan, Michigan Department of Corrections officer.

Despite his fears, McGaffigan decided to answer the call when volunteers were needed to take care of the growing number of inmates with COVID-19.

“They asked a bunched of officers if they would be willing to volunteer to go work in a prison that is specifically designated for prisoners who are diagnosed with COVID-19,” McGaffigan said.

The Flint native will be working at the Brighton Green Oaks Facility, which has been temporarily repurposed for COVID-19 prisoners.

He will be living at a hotel away from his family.

McGaffigan said since he is not married and doesn’t have children of his own, he thought he needed to stand up and volunteer.

“I guess my thinking was that if I can go and do it than it would prevent someone that does have a family at home or somebody who has kids, it prevents them from bringing it home to them,” he said.

McGaffigan said his service will hopefully protect another officer from being exposed to the virus.

COVID-19 inmates are expected to be transferred in on Friday.

According to the Department of Corrections, the facility can hold up to 150 prisoners.

“It keeps people away from their family. I’m planning on being out here for two months,” McGaffigan said.

McGaffigan is optimistic it won’t take the full two months before things get better. He said the Department of Corrections is providing all the necessary PPE to the corrections officers and healthcare workers stationed there.

He said he feels ready and is relying on his faith to get him through.

“I am a man of God. I keep him close to me and I believe in the plan,” McGaffigan said.

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