Counties reporting several cases of hand, foot and mouth disease

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Several counties are reporting a rise in hand, foot and mouth disease.

Tuscola County, Bay County and the Saginaw County Health Departments have reported cases of the highly contagious viral infection.

It leaves blisters on the hands, feet and inside the mouth of those infected.

The virus causes a fever, followed by a sore throat and loss of appetite.

One or two days after the fever begins, tiny blisters may develop in the mouth or throat. A rash on the hands and feet can follow within a day or two.

Someone is contagious two to three days before symptoms are visible and for several days after you notice them.

Saginaw County has had 104 cases of the disease reported since the beginning of the school year. That's an increase over last year, but similar to 2014-2015.

Bay County reports 29 students in the month of October have reported having the disease, although the department said it is not mandatory for doctors to report cases to them.

Contaminated toys and surfaces are the most common way the virus is spread, but can also come through bodily fluids.

Kryslynn Lucius, 4, has learned the importance of washing her hands. That's after she spent more than a week with hand, foot and mouth disease.

"She got little pimply spots the next morning. Then within eight to 12 hours they kind of became blisters all over her face. Then on her hands and feet and then the blisters actually popped," her mom Kimber Lucius said.

Her mom said it was tough to see her daughter suffer from the virus when all the little girl wanted to do was go back to school and play with her friends.

"There's nothing you can do. he most frustrating thing was the sores. You never knew when they'd pop open so it was just keeping an eye on her, making sure they didn't get out of control," Kimber Lucius said.

She said a lot of Kryslynn's classmates had it too around the same time.

"We don't know how she got it, where she got it, anything like that," Kimber Lucius said.

Carrollton High School sent a letter to parents informing them several students had been diagnosed with the disease. The school said they are doing additional cleaning and sanitizing of the school to prevent future cases.

For more on the disease from the CDC, click here.

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