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Bay County Commissioners voted in favor of listing Chuckie’s Bay County Market and Chuck’s Market Restaurant for sale.

Bay County Commissioner Tom Ryder confirmed the six to one vote. 

“I just hate to see it go. Because this is the lifeblood for a lot of people to survive,” said Chuck Militello, owner of Chuck’s Market Restaurant and Chuckie’s Bay County Flea Market.

Militello rents the property, the land is owned by Bay County.

County commissioners have already voted to get the property appraised. Commissioners are voting to place the land on the market on Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Militello is worried about what will happen to his restaurant and the Bay County market if leaders put it up for sale.

“There’s nothing like this in Bay County, Midland County, or Saginaw County. And I wish the commissioners could really figure out some way to keeping it. I really do,” Militello said.

TV5 spoke with Ryder about the future of the market.

“It’s kind of an eyesore first of all, but secondly, we have a lot of maintenance issues with our buildings that we have. A lot of work has to be put in to maintain them and keep them up,” Ryder said.

Ryder said the county doesn’t have resources for the Bay County market. He said he plans to vote yes on putting the land up for sale.

Ryder is optimistic a potential new owner might be willing to work with Militello.

“I’m sure that they could have that same arrangement with Chucky, in the meantime until they actually decide to develop that property. So just because we list it today, and if somebody purchases, it doesn’t mean that Chuckie’s business is done,” Ryder said.

Militello is hoping that everything works out. He is worried that his days might be numbered if the wrong buyer comes along.

“Whatever they want to do, this will be gone forever,” Militello said.

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An eyesore? Really? It's not an eyesore at all. It's one of the few things I actually like about this town. Furthermore, how much can it possibly cost to maintain that buildings??? Like??? Really?? I've NEVER ONCE in my 34 years living in this city seen ANY city workers doing ANY work on that place. You think if it cost so much, I would have seen them doing maintenance right? It must not be that much because I live two blocks from this place. You taking away a piece of history, a piece of our town that should remain there. I think you're making a big mistake and you don't care about the poor people in this town.

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