County workers credited with saving teen's life

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When a local 16-year-old lost control of her car on a Mid-Michigan road the situation appeared grim.

Thanks to two mosquito abatement workers, she is sharing her harrowing story.

When her car was upside down in a deep ditch last Thursday night Maddy Knox suddenly found herself trapped in several inches of water.

Thankfully the Tuscola County workers happened to notice something wrong with the markings on the road and decided to stop to check it out.

It happened on Deckerville Road near Dodge Road in Ellington Township.

Police said several cars passed the crash scene without realizing anything happened before the men stopped to help.

"I remember I closed my eyes when it all happened and I opened my eyes and I was upside down in a ditch. I heard cars going by and I thought, I'm dead right here," Knox said.

It was a moment she thought was the end of it all.

It happened last Thursday night when the 16-year-old was driving home from a friend's house. She lost control of her convertible and it flipped over into a wet, muddy ditch.

"It felt like I flipped three times, but it could have just been once, but it felt like three," Knox said.

She tried to crawl out, but the doors were stuck and her car quickly began to sink.

"Then I heard a faint voice saying 'help me. Help me,'" said Tom Perkins, foreman for the Tuscola County Mosquito Abatement.

Perkins and his partner, Mike Sherman, were on their normal route that night. That's when they noticed the tire tracks and realized something was very wrong.

"We kind of went by the vehicle at first. Then Mike caught a glimpse of something, some smoke and he said 'oh, we got a hot one here,'" Perkins said.

Perkins jumped out of his car and into the ditch.

When he realized Knox was stuck, he pulled the door open wide enough for her to slip out.

"He opened the door and he said I scurried out like a little raccoon," Knox said.

Perkins and Sherman helped Knox to their truck and waited with her until police and an ambulance showed up.

Thankfully aside from some cuts and bruises she was doing OK.

"Don't think no hero thing or anything like that. Hopefully somebody would do the same for me if they saw my car upside down," Sherman said.

To Knox, these two men were nothing short of heroes that night.

"So thankful they saw me and got me out safely. No broken bones and I'm still alive. I definitely had a guardian angel looking out for me," Knox said.

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