Couple plagued by medical bills need help with leaky roof

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With winter's wrath pouring in from their leaky roof and medical bills piling up, a local family is struggling to keep their heads above water.

"It's terrible. It's really hard. It never ends," Donald Judson said.

As temperatures dip below freezing and a mixture of rain and snow fall from the sky, Judson said his roof is in desperate need of repair. Medical issues that plague his wife make it difficult to come up with the necessary funds.

"Sue, she has a lot of problems with her heart, lungs and water problems. And now she has neuropathy, found out she's got diabetes and she had doctor calls about every two weeks," Judson said.

With most of their money going towards medications and medical bills, they said they have nothing left to make the much needed improvements to their home in Davison.

"The roof is all peeled up. I've been up there and it's just the boards underneath are failing. They're soft. We do have a place in the living room here where it looks like the weather's coming in," Judson said.

The Judson family said they have had the issues for more than three years and they still have no idea what they're going to do, especially with the winter weather.

"We got a big tree in the backyard and with weather like today, with the rain and wind, could break the branch off in a minute. Just the thought of the roof falling in and someone getting hurt, it's a terrible thought," Judson said.

They are hoping anyone in the community can help in some way.

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