With Memorial Day coming up in a few weeks people will flock to Mid-Michigan cemeteries to remember fallen service members.

A local medical center honors veterans with a special salute when they pass away.

“His last trip out of the hospital was recognized,” said Nancy Barrios.

Nancy was with her husband David when he passed away at Covenant Medical Center in Saginaw.

David was a US Air Force Veteran who served during the Vietnam era.

When David expired in March, Nancy heard the words “code honor” go over the hospital intercom system.

“All of the sudden the halls were lined with employees, staff, anybody that was available came up here. The whole hall was lined with people,” Nancy said.

The special sendoff was started by Covenant last year as a way for staff to pay tribute to those who served our country.

If the family gives their permission for a “Final Salute” ceremony, it is triggered by “code honor”.

Tony Lyle is a veteran who works for Covenant. He was involved in getting the program started.

“I’ll tell you, it’s extremely moving, every time I’ve attended one of these,” Lyle said.

Rob Wood is an RN who can vouch for that.

“To be able to share that opportunity to show our respect to the patient and the family is just an amazing feeling,” Wood said.

Nancy and her family thank Covenant for the code honor tribute.

“In our time of turmoil and heartbreak, that tribute lifted us and made us feel respect for David and comfort for our own selves.

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