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COVID-19 is taking a toll on the mental health of many. 

"I think it's having a difficult, negative effect on all of us," said Travis Pashak, an associate professor of psychology at SVSU.

The COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of us seeing more of our homes than we might like these days.

Safety measures put in place to flatten the curve have left many of us in relative isolation.

"I think people's typical sources of coping and social support have been truncated," said Pashak. "So, it's hard for people to figure out what to do with themselves right now."

Pashak says it's important for us to maintain a routine with each passing day.

"Sleep hygiene, exercise, connecting with friends and family, remotely of course, but that can mean sending letters, calling, Facetime," said Pashak.

 Pashak is quick to point out that it is perfectly okay and normal to be feeling very emotional about the situation we all find ourselves in.

Pashak also said many anxious reactions we may be having because of the pandemic are appropriate. If things are reaching a breaking point, Pashak wants you to know that help is available.

"There are a number of psychologists, social workers and counselors that are offering services via phone, or via telehealth. So, you can still get in touch with psychological interventions," said Pashak. 

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