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As cases rise another coronavirus-related sickness is impacting children several weeks after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

As cases rise another coronavirus-related sickness is impacting children several weeks after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Doctors say the disease is fairly new and it could result in death

There are warning signs parents need to keep an eye out for.

Multi system inflammatory syndrome in children, or mis-c, is a rare COVID related condition.

Dr. Christine Mikesell of the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children's Hospital said parents need to be aware of it.

"Although it is rare, it does happen and it can have pretty bad effects," Mikesell said.

So, what can this do to a child's health?

"We have had some patients who have died from it. It can have a very strong effect on their cardiovascular system," she said.

It comes in the form of a fever, a couple of weeks after a COVID-19 diagnosis.

That fever is accompanied by two or more symptoms that can range from a rash to conjunctivitis.

"It's just part of an overall very systemic hyperinflammatory response," Mikesell said.

According to the state health department, there have been 99 confirmed cases of mis-c in Michigan. 5-10 of those cases have been in mid-Michigan.

Mikesell says the COVID surge michigan is seeing now...means more mis-c cases could be on the horizon.

There are warning signs parents can look out on top of a fever.

"Are they much more sleepy? Are they less interactive? Are they not eating and drinking very well and you haven't seen them pee for example. Are they much less responsive, are they having a really hard time breathing?" she said.

She says after 3 days of a fever it may be time to bring your child into the hospital. The best way to protect your child from mis-c, is to remain vigilant against the virus.

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Great, another thing that has miniscule risk. Better shut down the entire worlds economy and make all aspects of life worse. Ya know, better to be safe than sorry.

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