7-11 on Washington

The owner of Billy’s Contracting and one of his employees helped two women in Saginaw on Wednesday, Jan. 9.

“I hadn’t heard about his incident yet and he hadn’t heard about mine. So it was just five miles apart,” said Billy Bourdow, owner.

It was two acts of heroism from two different men who work for the same company.

One happened near the Zilwaukee Bridge on I-75, Bourdow noticed smoke and flames billowing out from the underside of a woman’s car.

“By the time we caught up to her, we was telling her, ‘pull over. Pull over.’ And she thought we was trying to carjack her or something. So she kept going and we had to pinch her off the road. I think once she realized, she really didn’t have no brakes at that point,” Bourdow said.

He said he eventually got her to stop on the side of the highway and was able to get the woman out and away from the vehicle just moments before it became engulfed in flames.

That wasn’t the only heroic event to happen with Billy’s. One of Bourdow’s employees helped deliver a child at the 7-Eleven on Washington Avenue.

“She had cramps and he could tell that she was distressed. And he asked if she wanted to go ahead of him and she said, ‘no, that’s fine.’ And when he went to pay for his coffee she just grabbed him and said, ‘help me.’ Then her water broke,” Bourdow said.

Bourdow said his employee and a store clerk called 911 and waited for EMS to arrive and take her to the hospital.

Oddly enough, both incidents happened in the span of an hour between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Bourdow said he is just glad they were in the right place at the right time.

“Just glad we could help. Glad we were there,” he said.

As for the woman whose car was on fire, she is fine. The fire department believes the fire likely started from a new motor that was put into the vehicle.

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