Ditch the cat and TJ

A Craigslist ad to find a cat a home quickly went viral and generated thousands of dollars.

When local veteran JT Gregory found a cat in a ditch, he just wanted to find it a home as soon as he could.

So he wrote a clever little Craigslist ad, which has changed both of their lives forever.

“Ditch the night goblin, pet at your risk,” Gregory said.

A seemingly normal, somewhat well behaved, house cat wasn’t always this way.

Two years ago he was a small kitten found in an Auburn ditch, saved by Army Veteran JT Gregory.

“So that’s where it all started and then I got him home and I realized he was, I guess insane, there was something wrong with him,” Gregory said.

In a few short days and very long nights, the little kitten now fondly known as Ditch, drove Gregory absolutely crazy, so he took to Craigslist to try and get rid of him.

In his Craigslist ad, Gregory explained how terrible this ditch kitty was.

He went on and on in three long paragraphs, hoping someone would save him from the kitten he tried to save.

“This is a good one I said I should’ve left him in his ditch but I didn’t and now I’m just begging someone to come and get this kitten before he murders me in my sleep because I don’t have any cheese popcorn to give him,” Gregory said.

Gregory went to sleep, woke up the next day, and he saw his sarcastic ad had reached thousands around the world and unintentionally went viral.

“People started reaching out to me from all over the world and all over the United States offering to fly in and pick up this kitten,” Gregory said.

Ultimately Gregory decided to keep Ditch. The little orange kitten started to help with his PTSD and depression from his time in the military.

Writing about their antics on social media also served as therapy.

Now with more than 30,000 fans on Facebook, Gregory is writing a memoir detailing his stories battling mental illness and bonding with an unlikely best friend.

In just over a week his Kickstarter campaign has reached more than $30,000, half way to his goal.

By self-publishing, he hopes to show his fans and even strangers that love can be found when you’re not looking even in a ditch.

“What it all boils down to is I’ve written something that is for everybody and I want everybody to read it,” Gregory said.

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