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August Moeller has lived in Midland with his wife for over half a century but they said getting around during this past year has been a hassle because of Midland's road diet study.

“The goal for this is pedestrian safety and connectivity to town but that’s nonsense because we already have it,” August said.

The study started in May 2018 and aimed at improving safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

“There's been a lot of accidents, double accidents,” Jaqueline Moeller said.

The stretch of Buttles Street or US-10 was reduced from three lanes to two.

Jaqueline said there just isn’t enough space.

“It’s 14 and a half feet per lane,” she said. “They widened the sidewalks on Main Street to 34 feet. So, the sidewalk is double the amount of what our two lanes are.”

She said she’s witnesses dozens of issues with garbage trucks and emergency vehicles struggling to get down the road.

“The ambulance couldn’t get there and it had to maneuver its way through the county parking lot to get to it,” Jaqueline said.

We caught an ambulance going down Buttles ourselves. You can see it slow down, pausing to make sure there’s enough room.

The city admits there has been an uptick in crashes on Buttles Street since the road diet began.

From 26 crashes in 2017/2018, up to 37 crashes since the road diet began.

The city held an informational meeting tonight to hear more opinions and it's clear what August and Jacqueline think.

“I’m hoping that the city council board will listen to the people and instead of the 5 stakeholders that’s running the show,” Jaqueline said.

The final design of the two-lane road hasn’t been finalized. We’ll continue following this and keep you updated.

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