Culver's employee serves musical performance with your order

Source: CBS

A Culver’s restaurant in Alpena, Michigan serves up a special side with your order.

A musical performance from Clyde Declouet.

"I'm happy. When I'm not happy I don't sing. When I am happy I sing,” Declouet said.

Customers said he brings life to the restaurant.

"One time he was singing this real goofy song and it just made everyone crack up. It was hilarious. usually you go to a fast food restaurant and its drap but no he brought a bit of liveliness here,” one man said.

Singing isn’t something new to Declouet.

“I was just singing since I was a child,” he said.

Not only are the customers fans of his singing, his coworkers are, too.

"A lot of times we will just be working and he will bust out into song. Just randomly or he gets asked to sing happy birthday or stuff like that. We don't usually do that here but customers ask for him. He’s a favorite,” a coworker said.

It’s not always about serving food. It’s about having fun.

“I like doing it myself but when other people join in, it just makes it that much better. When people hear it they are like oh gosh everyone is singing,” Declouet said.

Beyond his part-time job, Declouet has high aspirations.

“I want to move to California and pursue a path in theatre out there,” he said.

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