Day Without Water: Groups help those struggling for clean water

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People from across the state are gathering to speak out about the need for safe drinking water.

It is called "A Day Without Water."

Demonstrators are calling attention not only to the ongoing water crisis in Flint, but the water shutoffs in Detroit.

"We're not waiting for the government to respond," said Monica Lewis-Patrick, president and CEO of We the People of Detroit.

Her organization, as well as several others from the Flint community, came together to provide ways in which residents can get safe and affordable water sent to their homes.

Their main goal is to draw attention through social media and other platforms in order to urge elected officials to implement legislation such as the water affordability plan.

However, they are working to do more than just pass laws. They also want to use their cause to help bring awareness to several other issues within Flint's community.

"We put together what was called hidden stories and so it was an event where it gave space to the voices of Flint impacted by, not only the water, but other social justice issues around housing," said Lyndava Williams, co-founder and program director of Raise it Up.

For those who may have missed out on Thursday's event, there is another one the Detroit and Flint communities are hoping to make a wave throughout their area.

"It's called Make a Wave. And so it'll be another event where we'll address these social issues that are faced by the resident. Not only provide information and awareness, we wanted to celebrate the people's resilience," Williams said.

Williams said these events really help bring positive change towards those in Flint.

"That has been very impactful because I think sometimes you feel like you're in a vacuum and there's not other people around. But when Flint comes together and when people share their gift, their stories, I think it inspires and it gives hope and it gives a strength to continue on," Williams said.

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