Dealership offering free oil change

The strike between the United Auto Workers and General Motors is now in its 25th day with no clear end in sight.

It is impacting the whole auto industry as several dealerships struggle to find parts to fix their customers’ vehicles.

“It’s four weeks in and it’s starting to hurt,” said Jeff Fernandez, service and parts director for Hank Graff Chevrolet in Davison.

Fernandez said the strike is costing everyone something, from declining sales to not being able to get parts for vehicles that come in.

“If a customer brings their vehicle in here and it has an issue that the car is down and cannot be driven, now we’re waiting on parts. And we don’t know when we’re going to get them,” Fernandez said.

Uncertainty looms over the car industry, but thankfully at the dealership customers don’t have to worry about if their car has enough oil.

On Oct. 9, the dealership decided to lighten the burden for UAW members that are on strike by offering free oil changes to them.

“We have a lot of people that buy from us that are UAW. We know they’re getting very minimal paychecks,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez said he doesn’t want people to face more challenges simply because of not getting an oil change. He said they will do any model of GM vehicle as long as the member has their UAW card or strike card.

People have lined up all day on Thursday.

Fernandez said on Thursday they did more than 100 oil changes. That’s nearly double what they usually do.

With this all going on, the last thing Fernandez wants people to think about is an oil change. He just wants people to think about a resolution in the near future.

“I hope it works out for both parties, but it needs to get resolved soon. For everyone, the trickle down effect is going to be huge for everyone,” Fernandez said.

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