Delta College to build downtown campus


A Mid-Michigan college is set to make an announcement next week about its move downtown.

It has people hoping the new addition could bring life to streets in need of a reboot.

Delta College is building a new campus in downtown Saginaw.

"This is sort of where everything is happening," said Lisa Kelly, owner of Bradley's. Bradley's is a restaurant in downtown Saginaw.

Delta announced it planned to open a downtown campus two years ago. The board has chosen a site for that campus, but they won't reveal it until they present it to their board next week.

Wherever the campus lands will bring new life to the renaissance of downtown.

"Well, it's been scraping the bottom of the barrel downtown for decades. And I guess it just got to the point it seemed this was an opportunity to happen," Kelly said.

The owner of the Bancroft is also excited to see an influx of young professionals to the area. With a new bar in works, a new farmer's market set to open down the street and other businesses, students are exactly the kind of people Ryan Seifferlein hopes to attract.

"I think the older generation, sadly, has kind of made their mind up that the area isn't safe. Or I don't know what the deal is, but it's hard to change their minds. Younger people aren't too nervous to come down here. They like the history. They like the buildings," Seifferlein said.

The proposed building will be 24,000 square feet and home to classrooms, labs and a student center for those studying at Delta.

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