An apparent demonstration at a Mid-Michigan high school has attracted the attention of local police.

Photos sent to TV5 from a viewer show pickup trucks parked near Bay City Western High School. The trucks are flying American and Confederate flags.

The viewer said she has three children who attend the high school. She said the demonstration is the students’ right to “Freedom of Speech.”

"I reported it to the office and nothing was done about it," said Cameron Myers. "So my friends and I are rallying to show support that it was wrong for them to rip my flag down and nothing was done about it."

Myers said his freedom of speech was violated at Bay City Western High School. He said some students destroyed his Confederate flag.

He claims school administrators did nothing, so he led a protest with vehicles displaying Confederate and American flags.

"It was wrong that they're not standing up for destruction of property and that it's wrong," Myers said.

Janelle Zissler, who is a parent of a bi-racial student said she didn't have a problem with the protest, but she said there is a problem with racism here.

"Some of them have said racially derogatory things to some of the black students here and that's where we have a problem," Zissler said.

Zissler said she doesn't have an issue with the Confederate flag itself, but she wonders why people fly it if they know it bothers others.

"Why do people have to be ignorant? Some of the kids said to one of the black students that they know it irritates her and she is mad about it yet lets all do it. Why can't people just be nice?" Zissler said.

Other parents we talked to say they had no problem with the demonstration.

For his part, Myers said there's no hate on display here. This is a matter of protesting the destruction of private property.

He said if people get offended, they should look the other way.

"Keep passing by the truck then," Myers said. "There's a road there and go to the parking lot. If you don't like it, don't look at it."

Superintendent Stephen Bigelow with Bay City Public Schools released the following statement about the demonstration:"We are monitoring the situation at Bay City Western High School with trucks parked on adjacent property. We have limited ability to regulate parking and conduct off school property. However, we are ensuring that there is not disruption to the educational process."Stay with TV5 as we continue to gather more details.

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