Dialysis patient, thousands of others still without power


Thousands of people are still living in the dark throughout Michigan. Some lost power nearly seven days ago when high winds kicked up toppling trees and snapped power lines across the state.

Among those still without power are some in Mid-Michigan, including Mary Bular. Bular is a local resident struggling to give herself necessary dialysis.

I need my water, I need my power. It's my life support system,” Bular said.

Bular said there was a glimmer of hope Monday night. After six days without power, she and her family saw crews outside their home.

That hope has since faded away, though.

“They were looking around, but they haven't done anything. They know there was a power line down. Don't know if they've fixed it or not,” Bular said.

Now entering her seventh night without power, Bular and her neighbors said they're running out of patience because their health is now on the line.

They said they are also having a hard time getting answers or even getting a live person on the line at DTE.

“This is extremely hard on me. I'm a dialysis patient, which I'm supposed to have everything sterile, I'm supposed to have my water all the time. I have to have help washing my hands at night just so I can get my machines running. Even if we had water, it wouldn't be bad. But without having no power, we have nothing whatsoever,” Bular said.

Bular and her neighbors said there are still 14 people in the community without power and two of them have special medical needs.

TV5 contacted DTE Energy and they said they are focused on complicated repairs that require a lot of manpower. They acknowledged this is a trying time for customers like Bular and her neighbor, Bonnie Thornton, who are still without power.

However, Bular said they just aren't confident that DTE understands how critical water and power are for their unique medical needs.

“You need to do your breathing treatment and stuff like that, you know? And I can go without it, but I don't like to go without it. And I have been going without it,” Thornton said.

Power for DTE customers was estimated to be back on by now. To see the DTE outage map, click here.

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