Terror erupted at a Mid-Michigan middle school last Thursday night after reports of someone with a gun, and now the school said the students involved admitted they made it up.

It happened at a school dance at Carrollton Middle School and caused the building to go on lockdown.

"This is the scariest thing that happened to me in my life," said Genalia Cade, student.

The situation had both parents and students on high alert given the recent deadly massacre at a Florida high school.

"Everybody started running. When I first heard of it my stomach started hurting real bad. I was very nervous. I wanted to cry. My heart was beating. I was trying to pray and everything," Genalia said.

A student reported hearing another group of students say someone had a gun at the dance, Carrollton Township police said.

The student notified staff who immediately contacted police and put the building on lockdown as a precaution, police said.

"I said I was too young to die. Just ready to get out of this school," said Samaya Meredith, student.

"I thought they were just playing around, but then yeah, I got scared," said Alexia Delarosa, student.

Police then executed a controlled release of each student to their parent. All students were released to their parents and no gun was found, police said.

"At this point, no threat has been made to the students, staff, or volunteers present at the dance tonight," police said.

The incident happened one day after the deadly shooting that killed at least 17 at a Florida high school.

"I told my teacher 'what if something like this happened to us today?' And he was like, 'it would never happen here because we're a safe school.' And it happened tonight," Genalia said.

The school released the following email to parents on Feb. 20.Dear Parents/Guardians:

I am writing to follow up on the incident that took place at the middle school dance last Thursday. The students involved admitted that they made a false claim of a gun being present. Appropriate action is being taken regarding the students who made the false claim. I would like to thank our local police and school administration for their thorough investigation and for resolving this issue.

Tim Wilson, Ed.S.


Carrollton Public Schools

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