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A new trend in “at home” renovations is hitting the road. Michiganders are taking advantage of a good deal by forgoing a brand-new camper and fixing up an old one instead. They are getting creative with color combos and ways to save a buck too.  

“You can come on in,” said Emily Shirey, from Burton.

She’s the proud new owner of a 1998 Coleman pop-up camper.

“It just happened. We decided that we needed this and we like camping,” said Shirey.

Shirey paid $500 dollars for the camper and ended any future vacations spent in a tent. Upgrading to a camper was not as glamorous as she thought, “Everything was like dirty and the fabric inside was really ugly. It was outdated and just really needed some new life into it.”

After seeing camper remodeling projects online, Shirey felt inspired to spend a whole weekend and more than $300 dollars on supplies to give her camper the face lift it so desperately needed.

“This tweed it was all stained up and really ugly. All the fabric and curtains looked like this before,” said Shirey.

Shirey has tackled do it yourself projects before but nothing like this. Now with new flooring, tabletops, bedding, window fixtures, and a pop of color the dream vacation on wheels quickly came to life.

“I learned a lot in the process. I definitely didn’t know what I was doing at first, but it turned out really good and I’m really proud of it,” said Shirey.

She was so proud of her gray and yellow home away from home that it even has its own Facebook page. Shirey documents the transformation one step at a time, “I still have some projects I’d like to do on the inside.”

Even with more comfortable and stylish vacations around Michigan coming up for her, Shirey is not done renovating yet, “I would like to make it into a little weekend business or project for me because I had a few people ask me if I would do theirs, so I saw that there is a need for it.”

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