Ice fishing

Unpredictable winter weather can cause some local lakes and rivers to become unsafe for ice-fishing and snowmobiling.

Andrew Cole, park supervisor at Seven Lakes State Park in Fenton Township, said everyone needs to use caution when heading out on the ice.

“A good idea would be to look for how thick the ice is,” Cole said. “You can take either an otter or a spud and get into the ice and get a pull in there to get an idea of what the thickness of the ice is.”

Cole said the ice should be more than four inches thick to venture out on and to steer clear of dark spots or places where the snow looks discolored.

“Always be aware that the shore at the shoreline might not be as thick as what the middle of the lake is,” Cole said.

It is very important to be prepared and dress in warm clothing.

“Take things with you that could help get you out of the hole if you do fall in. Take a life jacket. There are all kinds of safety devices that you can use, like spikes,” Cole said. “It’s important to know what type of body water you’re going on. Be aware of any inlets of the bodies of water like a river or stream.”

The DNR is reminding people to always let someone know they're going out on the ice and to never go out by yourself.

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Xandar McComb

Why would someone even go out on the ice when it could break out from underneath them.

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