Officials said they have euthanized two dogs that were captured after terrorizing a Mid-Michigan community.

The dogs were roaming the area of Adams Boulevard and Storch in Saginaw on Jan. 17 when officials said they were involved in two separate attacks.

Animal control managed to track them down after three different reports.

“They were pretty bad this morning. They were relentless,” said J.R. Heim, witness.

Heim said he witnesses the brutality out his window.

“It was pretty scary,” Heim said.

Heim said a couple was walking their small dog around Adams Boulevard and Storch when the dogs appeared and started to attack.

Heim said the dogs were surrounding the area.

“They’d run across the street and they’d just attack, like they would attack from different sides,” Heim said.

That couple was Karen Pusyzkowski and her husband, along with their 6-month-old puppy Stella. Stella was bitten more than 20 times during the attack.

"We kept walking and we were almost by and they came from behind us. And they ran right up yo us and started barking and we started going 'scoot. Get away. Leave.' And then they attacked our puppy dog," Pusyzkowski said.

She said the dogs left wounds all across Stella's body and even attacked her husband.

Eventually, the commotion was spotted by a few neighbors who proceeded to scare the dogs off with sticks and shovels.

"I don't know what would've happened if those people hadn't come out because I do know my dog would be dead. But I don't know what condition we would've been in," Pusyzkowski said.

She said they took Stella to the vet where she received intense treatment for an abdominal bite and heavy pain medication.

Michelle Sawyer, interim director of Saginaw County Animal Control, said she dispatched her officers when she heard of the attack.

“We’re really concerned about the puppy because we heard he was injured quite badly and taken to an emergency vet,” Sawyer said.

By the time Sawyer’s officers arrived, the dogs were attacking another dog on Brockway. The officers eventually caught up with the dogs after a third sighting.

“Makes me feel really good they’re off the street,” Heim said.

The dogs did not have collars and were not microchipped, according to Sawyer. She said their behavior could have been caused by a pack mentality.

“Dogs when loose will often act in ways they would not normally act. Sometimes out of fear or sometimes just out of wild instinct. Especially when they’re running together,” Sawyer said.

Saginaw County Animal Control said the dogs had been euthanized. No owners were located, and according to officials the animals were aggressive and could not be adopted out.

Shelter officials said it was inhumane to keep them locked up.

Local veterinarian Robert Wenzel said it may not stop every attack, but there are things you can do to give yourself a chance.

"If you're trying to break up dogs that are ones trying to attack another dog, never stick your hand in there. Again, grab a chair or some inanimate object and use that to break them up with," Wenzel said.

He also advises to avoid looking an aggressive dog directly in the eye and don't stoop down to their level.

If you have any information on the dogs’ owners, you can call confidentially to the Saginaw County Animal & Control Center at 989-797-4500. Or email

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