Dozens of people were told they have less than 24 hours to leave their home as their apartment building was condemned by authorities.

On Wednesday, July 26, Saginaw Police put up a condemned sign at the Alexis Place Apartments on S. Michigan Street.

Police Chief Robert Ruth and City Inspector John Stemple said the issue is an out-of-state landlord from California who is not maintaining the property or dealing with numerous complaints.

Stemple said there have been ongoing reports from Saginaw Police and numerous complaints from neighbors of "out of control" behavior by residents at the apartments, including loud music, parties, guns, drugs and liquor.

Even the stench from the apartment is so powerful Stemple said he will not risk sending his inspectors inside.

Stemple said the apartments are not registered with the city and have not been inspected for "awhile."

Thursday, residents returned to the complex to pick up their belongings. Those same residents are now looking for someplace to live after being ordered to vacate their homes.

David Monroe paid his rent on time every month, but is now homeless. He stepped outside of his apartment on Wednesday to find red notices reading "condemned."

"They kicked everybody out. They said we had two hours to leave. I don't know if they can do that or whatever or what's going on or how we call legal services. I just don't really know what's going on," Monroe said.

Monroe had to sleep in a shelter Wednesday night. But other tenants weren't so lucky.

"My son and his girlfriend and his 4-month-old baby was just walking out here in the streets. They didn't have nowhere to go and they didn't find out where to go until three or 4 o'clock in the morning," said Marcy Carter, tenant.

She said she thinks the city, her landlord, the police, somebody should have given them more advanced warning. The only paperwork they've received so far is a letter from the city of Saginaw - an order to vacate.

Monroe said the only help he's gotten from the landlord was a tip to call the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and that's what he plans to do next.

"Go to DHS and try to file for whatever claim or something. I don't know. There's something that needs to be done I know that," Monroe said.

He is already looking forward to leave the traumatic experience behind him.

"Honestly, I just want my deposit so I can carry on about my life and hopefully they can get to the bottom of what they've got going on," Monroe said.

The city said the inspector's office has been notifying HPM Commercial Corporation multiple times to file the correct paperwork for Alexis Place Apartment, but did not receive a response. That led to the complex being condemned.

"We provided the notice. He didn't follow the instructions provided to him and in order to provide the on site management of the facilities. So if all of those things would have been in place we wouldn't be here today," Stemple said.

Why the short notice?

"I didn't want to take the chance of someone getting hurt or someone dying when there's a large gathering of people and they're drinking and there's gunfire. The risk was too great for me to let that go on for another day," Stemple said.

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