Image: Light at intersection of State and Hemmeter

Families in Saginaw Township are dealing with several traffic nightmares as portions of State Street is under construction.

Drivers feel this makes an already dangerous intersection even more dangerous.

Michigan’s Department of Transportation has identified State and Hemmeter as an area they are looking to update but said the process could take up to five years.

“It’s a corner. People don’t watch what they’re doing,” a local driver said.

TV5 has reported in the past that drivers want to see MDOT add a left turn signal to the intersection.

“They need to put an arrow right there,” a driver said.

So far, there have been three crashes reported at the intersection in the past week.

Despite those recent wrecks, at the moment, MDOT has no plans on adding a left turn signal at the intersection.

“Of this crash analysis that we’ve performed by and large, a lot of them are driver error related. So, we’re talking about red light running, poor judgment in making left-hand turns, that type of thing,” said Erik Tamlyn, MDOT’s traffic and safety engineer.

Tamlyn said a left turn arrow would not fix the issue and was quick to point out that MDOT is still monitoring the intersection for potential changes in the future.

“If enough crashes could be correctable with the left turn phasing, or we see the evidence where things change, or volumes change, then that’s something we would look to implement as soon as we possibly can because it’s a safety issue,” Tamlyn said.

Drivers are also complaining about the intersection at State and Center.

TV5 has received reports of a blinking four-way stop at what many say is an already challenging intersection. While our cameras did not see the light blinking at the intersection, Tamlyn admits that hasn’t always been the case.

“There has been some detection issues, most likely related to construction. I’ve had our region-wide electricians have been taking a look at the situation and we’re looking to resolve it,” Tamlyn said.

Until then, Tamlyn is asking that drivers be patient and do their part to stay safe.

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