Tawas Point Lighthouse

Looking to experience a "Pure Michigan" summer? You might find the perfect fit in Tawas.

"We've had over 900 applications and probably 100 or more inquiries from all over the world," said Laurie Perkins, a historian for the Department of Natural Resources.

Perkins says people from around the globe are applying for a unique job as a lighthouse keeper, here in Michigan.

"The first call that amazed me was from Australia. As they started to come in and as I began to sort them out I just was curious as to where people are coming from. So right around Michigan of course, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota folks are coming from there. But we're getting applications from Mississippi, Florida, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska, I mean just a crazy amount of folks from all over the country and I still have 700 applications to log in," Perkins explained.

The historian explained what the position entails.

For two weeks, between May and October, you and up to 3 other people would live in the Tawas Point Lighthouse. Your job is to give daily tours and keep up the property, all while positioned overlooking beautiful Lake Huron.

"It's perfect for people who love history, perfect for people who love maritime history, nature, we're also on one of the great flight paths for bird migration," explained Perkins.

She said this is a great way for people to take a vacation and experience a "Pure Michigan" summer. Each person living in the lighthouse pays $75 for their stay, but she says the memories they share with other lighthouse keepers are priceless.

"We also have a keepers journal that when folks come in to do their work they can leave a message. You know, how they felt about their trip, and we have artists, painters, and poets and all kinds of things that people are interested in. They come, and they use this as a renewal time," said Perkins.

You may still apply for your two-week stay, applications close February 7th, 2020.

Click here for more information about the Lighthouse Keepers program.

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