Image: Corey and Jon McCuloch

A Michigan woman is recovering after battling COVID-19.

38-year-old Corey McCuloch is a mother, wife, and special education teacher from St. Clair County.

Corey is also a survivor of COVID-19.

“Every time we speak there’s just always a moment of tears because she realizes she came out of it. But there’s all these patients around her that are on ventilators and not doing good,” said Corey’s husband Jon McCuloch.

A couple of weeks ago, Jon, Corey, and two of their kids began experiencing minor symptoms of aches, cough, and a fever.

As the family grew healthier, Corey’s symptoms spiraled. She has an autoimmune disease.

“She took a dive, hard breathing, coughing,” Jon said.

On March 23, Jon and his daughter took Corey to the hospital.

John said he was afraid that it could be the last time he saw his wife in person.

“You can’t even go in to visit her, I found that the hardest. Because it’s my wife, I want to be with her. And then we don’t know what’s going on,” Jon said.

Later that night Jon said he received a phone call from the hospital stating that Corey’s breathing was worse, and she had to be put on a ventilator.

“And they talked about paralyzing her. They gave her a paralytic medication so her body wouldn’t move. And so I’m picturing all of this, there she is, tube down her throat. Her body is motionless and I’m not there, I don’t know how to explain this to my kids. Just a wrath of emotions,” Jon said.

Jon said he would text Corey’s phone and get no response. He said it wasn’t until her third day on the ventilator.

“One of the nurses said hey Corey just wants you to know she loves you and she’s getting your texts. And that’s when I broke down bawling again because it had been three days. It was just such an answer to prayer,” Jon said.

Jon said that same day Corey was taken off the ventilator. He said she was finally able to breathe on her own.

“Which was just amazing. Amazing o know she was just so quickly off. We were able to speak with her on Saturday. And it was just overwhelmingly a wonderful surprise,” Jon said.

Jon said each day her breathing improves, and her heartbeat is still slow.

“Doctors are looking at it saying this is a good foundation to go off of. They’ll be able to use her as a baseline for other patients coming in. It’s giving the nurses hope and the doctors hope,” Jon said.

Hope that the family, Michigan, and the United States can beat COVID-19.

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