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Nine-year-old Memphis Nelson of Sanford just wanted to help out. So, he came up with a very important plan.

Nine-year-old Memphis Nelson of Sanford just wanted to help out.

So, he came up with a very important plan.

“It is really important,” he said. “I’m helping people with getting money and stuff”

Memphis’s idea was to raise money by collecting returnable cans and bottles.

“and I shared it to my Facebook page, just to my friends,” his mom Samantha Nelson said. “From there it was shared it all over social media.”

The goal was just to fill this tiny shed in the backyard. Done.

Then it was to fill mom and grandpa’s cars. Done.

Then he set his sights on filling grandpa’s trailer. Done.

“By the time we got here in the morning people had trailers, truck loads and carloads of bags and boxes of bottles and cans and everything that you can think of,” Samantha said.

Thursday the goal will be to fill a semi that will be park at the corner of Saginaw and M30.

“I initially wanted it to be just my shed but turned out to be a whole trailer full and that feels better because I’m going to give more money than just the shed,” Memphis said.

The plans for distributing the money haven’t been ironed out yet but Samantha says that Memphis has some good ideas.

“We have talked about toys and clothes, Christmas presents and just sponsoring a couple of houses through some foundations,” she said.

“It is really amazing because I’m happy that everybody will get a home and food in their houses,” Samantha said.

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(2) comments


This kid is putting in hard work!! Breaking a serious sweat!! The trailer is full!! Someone should bring him another trailer!!


I wish that I lived closer to Memphis Nelson to help him with his collecting cans. I have so many that I need to get rid of.

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