Edwards: 'Crisis of confidence' won't be restored in Flint anytime soon


Could the water crisis finally be over?

New research suggests that just may be the case, but Virginia Tech Professor Marc Edwards said there's another poison in Flint now.

"If you define the end of the water crisis as having water quality parameters back in the range considered normal for other cities with old lead pipes, the answer is yes,” Edwards said.

On Friday, Sept. 15, Edwards and his Flint water study team announced their latest findings on the water quality. Their research suggested that lead levels in the Vehicle City's drinking water are back to normal, comparable to any other city nationwide that has old lead pipes.

>>Video: Virginia Tech announces results of Flint water testing<<

Edwards, who helped alert the world to the Flint water crisis two years ago, has declared a qualified end to the water crisis.

However, residents beg to differ.

"It might be over for some, but not for others. And we're still having to get the bottled water so that's very important. You know, it depends on who you ask and where they live,” one resident said.

"It's not over. We're scared to drink the water. Even bathe and wash in it,” another resident said.

Even though the numbers point to the water crisis being over, Edwards admitted the event has left wounds behind in the community that will take a while to heal.

He said there's no amount of research to determine how long that will take.

"Obviously, there's still a crisis of confidence among Flint residents that's not going to be restored anytime soon. It's beyond the reach of science to solve, but it can only be addressed by years of trustworthy behavior by government agencies who unfortunately lost that trust deservedly in the first place,” Edwards said.

Edwards still advises Flint residents to continue to use lead filters or bottled water until further notice from the state or EPA.

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