EF-2 Tornado confirmed near Birch Run


Following Monday night's bout of severe weather, National Weather Service teams were out in several Mid-Michigan locations on Tuesday, surveying the damage from a few tornadoes that touched down around the area.Monday night's tornado that touched down in the vicinity of Birch Run has been confirmed as an EF-2 with peak winds estimated at 115 mph.Survey teams found the tornado initially touched down in the Pine Ridge RV Campground near Birch Run and moved east, finally lifting in the area of McPherson Road south of Millington. The total ground distance was determined to be 11.2 miles, with a damage path approximately 250 yards wide. Two injuries were reported in the tornado, coming from occupants of the Pine Ridge Campground, one sustaining a broken arm. Farther east near Millington, one house sustained major structural damage, while another suffered some damage to the roof and a wall. Numerous damage reports also came in from trees down at the campground where a few RVs were heavily damaged.A second survey team is investigating a tornado that was also spotted on the ground near Deckerville, and we will pass along their finding when we receive them.Below is a look at the enhanced Fujita Scale, which is used to place tornadoes into different categories.EF0: weak: 65 to 85 MPHEF1: weak: 86 to 110 MPHEF2: strong: 111 to 135 MPHEF3: strong: 136 to 165 MPHEF4: violent: 166 to 200 MPHEF5: violent: >200 MPH


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