Elementary school teacher accuses superintendent of sexual assault

Source: CBS

An elementary school principal in Michigan is speaking out after she says her superintendent sexually assaulted her.

“It's really humiliating,” Jennifer McGuff said.

For the first time, McGuff is speaking out about what she said happened one March night in 2017, when she needed to talk her boss, Tekonsha Superintendent Jeff Kawaski, about a pressing legal issue.

“He said why don't you come over here?” McGuff said.

McGuff then went over to Kawasaki’s apartment in Marshall.

“Immediately I went in and knew what a bad idea it was because he was inappropriately touching me off the bat,” she said.

She said shock set in as Kawaski made unwanted advances.

“If he was gonna put a good word in, I better have sex with him. And he was cornering me on the couch, not letting me leave, putting his face on my crouch, touching my breasts,” McGuff said.

McGuff, who was placed on leave for non-disciplinary work misconduct in March filed a police report this weekend.

“I have nothing to lose. He's put me on leave. He's retaliated,” she said.

Kawaski has been under an investigation launched by the school last month for that sexual assault allegation and other concerns brought forward by parent Jerry Mains.

“I just want an environment where the kids can come and learn and that won't happen until he's gone,” Mains said.

Mains and McGuff claim they've witnessed Kawaski repeatedly acted inappropriately and sexually harass his staff.

“Since I started there, there's been a culture of sexual comments, inappropriate comments to staff about me to students,” McGuff said.

The superintendent has not commented on the allegations.

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