Emergency response training simulation held at SVSU

Firefighters were busting down doors trying to save students injured in a gas explosion at SVSU or at least that’s what they’re pretending to do.

Even though it looks like an active scene, it’s actually a training simulation but the intensity is real and things get chaotic very fast.

“Sometimes it gets so overwhelming you can’t make decisions. We need people who can make decisions on the fly,” said Kochville Township Fire Chief Alan Malesky.

To simulate smoke, plastic wrap is put on their masks so their vision is blurred and as they try to locate and rescue those injured in the fake blast.

They’re bombarded with pretend grieving parents and students who try to go back inside for their friends and even the news media trying to get the scoop.

“I actually hope we find some failures. I hope we find some deficiencies so we can make improvements,” Malesky said.

Chief Malesky said this is the best way to sharpen his team’s skills so when tragedy happens, they’ll always be ready.

“You have to keep pushing forward, keep training, and keep wanting to do the right thing,” Malesky said.

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