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During a meeting of Flint City Council’s Finance Committee on Wednesday, Flint City Council Member Monica Galloway had 1st Ward Councilman Eric Mays removed.

After a contentious opening, the outspoken representative was asked to leave the meeting and later removed as committee chair.

CLICK here to see the meeting video. **Editor's note, go roughly 18 minutes in***

Security officers escorted Mays from the room after he spent several minutes trying to take control of the meeting and arguing with Galloway about his chairmanship.

Galloway was finally successful in having Mays ejected, but that didn’t stop his protest.

“It’s a sad day in the city of Flint,” Mays commented on his way out. “And it’s being orchestrated by Galloway, Winfrey, looks like the clerk, the staff.”

Then reciting a bible verse from Proverbs, he muttered “God bless you,” and walked out.

Council President Herbert Winfrey explained how Mays came to believe he was chair of the committee. Winfrey said he told Mays he couldn’t be chair of the Finance Committee because of his behavior, but Mays didn’t hear the discussion.

“We’re talking about whether or not Councilman Mays can be finance chair, or whether he deserves to be, in my mind. And because of his not willing to apply the rules fairly, because of his outbreaks and outbursts and because of his abusiveness, I don’t think he deserves that position," Winfrey said.

“You need to hold me accountable as your president, and I ought to be able to hold you accountable as council members. There’s a decorum; there’s a way we ought to act, and when we don’t act that way, we’re out of order."

After agreeing to oust Mays as chairman, the committee went into a closed executive session for police contract negotiations.

Calls to Galloway and Winfrey for comment were not returned.

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