Michigan's current covid surge could have been prevented, according to an expert with the Central Michigan District Health Department.

"We knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time. And certainly, it's here,” said Steve Hall, with the health department. "This current surge, we started much later than the rest of the country. You know, if you'll recall that Florida, Texas, Missouri, they were all dealing with the Delta variant and the surge quite a lot earlier than we were."

He expects cases and deaths to continue to increase longer than other states since the Delta variant arrived later.

“In fact, that was one of the things that was somewhat disappointing is that we could see what was going on in the country, we were really having trouble getting our vaccination numbers up,” Hall said.

For Hall’s district, it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Especially in young kids.

“We have kids in schools statewide that, you know, many do not have mask mandates in place. You know, so you have the ability to introduce the coronavirus indoors and certainly, an unvaccinated population that provides an opportunity for the virus to spread,” Hall said.

He reemphasized for those who can get the vaccine, the vaccine is safe and effective.

“When you look at the current state data I mentioned, you know, 91.9 percent of the deaths since the vaccines been available are in unvaccinated, 91.1 percent of all hospitalizations are in unvaccinated, and 93.7 percent of all the cases are in the unvaccinated,” Hall said.

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52 percent of people in Michigan have been FULLY vaccinated. Also consider the approximately 10 percent of people that have had Covid and recovered. How many people have had it and didn’t know or were never tested? The 10 percent is low. Sure there are cases of overlap between naturally recovered and vaccinated. What does this tell us? The vaccines do NOT have the efficacy that was first promised.

The question is this - Why is our government (local and federal) pushing a shot that does not work? Is it about health or is it about obedience?

If it was truly about health, they would require the hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing our border to be vaccinated. Which they are not requiring.


This virus has a 99.9% survivability rate. If this is dangerous enough to call it a pandemic, then we've been in a pandemic since the beginning of mankind. WNEM needs to serve the best interest of the public and be critical of government. That's your job. You do have a check and balance, and we're getting tired of you.


It’s proven that vaccinated individuals can catch and spread covid just as much as an unvaccinated person can. The difference is in how severe their own symptoms are. To suggest that only unvaccinated people spread covid, or only unvaccinated should wear masks, or that unvaccinated are the only cause is pure misinformation and proven to be false. Health Dept officials should be clarifying facts, not spreading misinformation.

Bill C.

MRNA vaccines have NO effect on transmission rates. All they do is lessen the severity of the symptoms when people get COVID. They do not in any way protect or prevent people from getting it, or from transmitting it.

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