N95 face masks

In this file photo, protective N95 face masks lie on a table.

"It's basically just one piece of the puzzle to protect ourselves," Tina Swanton said.

"It's basically just one piece of the puzzle to protect ourselves," Tina Swanton said.

Swanton is the program manager for the Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, she says when it comes to wearing a mask, it's important to find the right fit.

"You need to make sure that the mask covers your nose and your mouth and not just one or the other,” she said. “You do want to make sure that it's snug fit especially around the edges of your face."

So, she walked us through the different mask options.

"This mask has kind of a nose piece that goes up and around and would just loop around my ears,” Swanton said. “You have options where it's more pleated so you have to kind of stretch it out and it then also would go under my chin over my mouth over my nose and then tuck around my ears. If you were to have ties which is the one that is around my neck right now you do want to make sure that you tie around your neck first and bring it up over chin, nose, mouth, tie behind your head, again you want to make sure it's snug so this is nice and tight along the side of my face, it's not gaping anywhere, it fits me."

Swanton says when you pick up your masks at the giveaway on Wednesday, you will also receive an instructional flyer on proper mask health. She says it's important to wash your mask and hands often and don't share it with anyone.

"The whole point of the mask is to stop droplets from coming through and that could be on either side of the mask,” Swanton said. “So, you should treat your mask as if both sides are contaminated so if you touch it go wash your hands to make sure that you don't pass it on to whatever you touch next."

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