A study shows effective results whether a Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson booster shot is administered regardless of what vaccine was given the first time.

Coming on the heels that revelation, United States Advisory Panel has endorsed Moderna's booster for seniors and other high-risk groups.

Dr. Bobby Mukkamala has always believed attacking COVID-19 with different vaccines could work.

"When your antibodies that are generated by a particular vaccine, if you expose the body to another vaccine, that you develop antibodies to another portion of the virus, and logic would suggest that that is a good thing," Mukkamala said.

Now a National Institutes of Health study appears to back him up. The NIH found that if a vaccine is approved or authorized as a booster, an immune response will be generated regardless of the primary COVID-19 vaccination regimen.

"Particularly if you got J&J first and then got one of the other ones, but also if you got Pfizer or Moderna then got the other one for a booster, that you have an equally strong immune response. That's cool stuff," Mukkamala said.

The NIH study had 458 participants and its findings have not been peer-reviewed. Mukkamala thinks it may be a while before the food and drug administration signs off on mixing and matching vaccines.

For now, the Pfizer booster for those fully vaccinated with Pfizer is the only game in town. Mukkamala said if you're eligible for the Pfizer booster, go ahead and get it.

"We're still going to get a great immune response by getting a booster of what we got before. So, this is interesting data, its encouraging data, but I wouldn't just you know we wouldn't jump to the conclusion before the conclusion has been proven," Mukkamala said.

Mukkamala is quick to point out the NIH research is part of the evolving body of science.

"We're learning more. The study that we're talking about right now, we didn't know that last week. And that's changing our behavior and it's changing how we're going to approach this pandemic," Mukkamala said.

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