Experts deliver warning on house filters

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Virginia Tech Professor Marc Edwards paid Flint another visit with a new water warning.

The filter you chose could still be letting toxins slip into your home's drinking water.

"The whole house filter can actually remove chlorine, seed the entire volume of your plumbing system bacteria and in a few cases in other cities we've seen it create a legionella risk where one did not exist previously," Edwards said.

Edwards raised that red flag on Friday during a meeting of the committee tasked with advising Gov. Rick Snyder on actions pertaining to Flint's water quality.

He said evidence shows whole house filters are not going to remove lead in the water all the way to the plumbing, considering much of the lead in the plumbing comes after the filter.

"We're not making any kind of recommendation for or against it," Edwards said.

Experts recommend many families will want to use filters on their faucets indefinitely because lead particles can detach from plumbing and be very harmful for children.

Bacteria can grow in those smaller faucet filters, but Edwards said they are generally safe.

"They don't seem to be the type of bacteria that harm us from drinking the water," Edwards said.

The overall water system in Flint has improved dramatically, according to information presented by committee members.

"We're really at a point where probably Flint's water is in the range of other cities," Edwards said.

Still, Edwards and others said experts will continue to monitor the situation for years to come even if the immediate public health threat has passed.

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