New details have been released about a massive fire on Wednesday night in Davison that took seven separate fire departments several hours to douse the blaze.

The fire broke out inside a building owned by the Hank Graff auto dealer and officials say no one was injured.

Davison fire

"There was just a huge, orange glow at the end of her street," said Troy Mansberry, Davison resident.

Mansberry described what he saw when driving to his mother-in-law's house about 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday. He got out his phone and went live on Facebook as he looked on from across the street.

"Davison is such a small, little, quaint town. Stuff like that really doesn't happen here," Mansberry said.

On Thursday, inside a fenced area surrounding the building, Graff employees spent their time salvaging what they could. The Davison-Richfield fire chief said the call came in at 8:36 p.m.

When crews arrived, they saw fire in the northwest side of the building that spread rapidly.

"I pointed out in the video that it collapses, it starts to lean and collapse. And that was really sad to me. I really am hopeful that Graff will do something very nice with the area, knowing that Graff is a prominent piece of Davison," Mansberry said.

In all, seven fire departments fought the fire for five hours. The cause is still under investigation.

The building is a total loss, and no one was hurt. That is a relief to Mansberry who said he is glad the fire occurred when it did.

"That area right there is just busy, busy, busy. So, I was very happy that no one was hurt or injured or killed as a result of the fire. But had it happened during standard business hours, we probably would be having a different conversation right now. Because nobody would've been able to, it would've been a very difficult moment during business hours," Mansberry said.

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